Text Line: (540) 999-6888

      Good day gentlemen! In order to visit with and spend a wonderful relaxing or wild time with me you must text or email me your name, age, which ad you found me on, the date, time, duration of visit & any extra services you'd like to add, if any. If you do not have a TER or P411 handle that is okay. But you must have a recent well known provider's information so I may contact them to verify you before we proceed to schedule a rendezvous together. I pre-book all my appointments. So please do not contact me asking for last minute calls if we have never met before in person. 

     Requirements upon arrival after the verification and scheduling has been set...
     1. Please have your gift in an uncealed envelope and marked as "GIFT" on the front of the envelope. Place it on the table after our initial greeting.

    2. Please excuse yourself to the restroom to shower. A fresh shower, towel, wash cloth and cups for your use to rinse your mouth out are all available to you each and every visit. This is not negotiable since it makes me even happier that you are absolutely fresh for our time together. As I am always fresh out of the shower for you just moments before you arrive.

     3. Please be mindful of your time you have booked as I do not watch the clock and would not want you to over stay your welcome out of consideration for my time and yours of course. Over extending your time will cost you an extra gift.