In order to book an appointment you must TEXT me you name, age, date, time and duration of the appointment you like to book. Also, any extra services (please see extra service page) you'd like to add.    (540) 999-6888
Thank you & I cannot wait to meet you, Sweetie!!
My hours & dates of availability are:
Herndon, VA
September 25th -   7p-10p
September 26th - 10a-10p
September 27th - 10a-10p

Reston, VA
September 28th -  3p-10p
September 29th - 10a-10p
September 30th - 10a-10p

Fairfax, VA
October 1st   -   3p-10p
October 2nd -  10a-10p
October 3rd -   10a-5p

October 4th through October 13th  (Home with my children)

Tysons Corner, VA
October 14th -   3p-9p
October 15th - 10a-10p
October 16th - 10a-10p

Herndon, VA
October 17th -  3p-10p
October 18th - 10a-10p
October 19th - 10a-10p

Reston, VA
October 20th  -   3p-10p
October 21st  -  10a-10p
October 22nd -  10a-10p
October 23rd  -  10a-5p

October 24th through November 2nd  (Home with my children)

Herndon, Va
November 3rd -   3p-10p
November 4th - 10a-10p
November 5th - 10a-10p
November 6th - 11a-9p

Fairfax, VA
November 7th -   3p-10p
November 8th - 10a-10p
November 9th - 10a-10p

Tysons Corner, VA
November 10th -   3p-10p
November 11th - 10a-10p
November 12th - 10a-5p

November 13th through November 22nd  (Home with my children)

Reston, VA
November 23rd -   3p-10p
November 24th - 10a-10p
November 25th - 10a-10p

Herndon, VA
November 26th -   3p-10p
November 27th - 10a-10p
November 28th - 10a-5p